Such A Lovely Weekend

Ice Cream Remnants

I had a 4-day weekend, and it was one of those where you get a bunch of things done, but then you also have a bit of sittin’ around time, so you feel accomplished AND well-rested. First, the boy and I got some ice cream (or he came with me and watched me eat ice cream), because I had a sudden craving for mint-chip ice cream in a sugar cone (in January in Minnesota…). The photo above is of the remnants from that cone.

Then we saw Life of Pi, which I hated to pieces. It was visually stunning, but emotionally agonizing. I love animals, so seeing them suffer is just heart-rending for me, and that’s basically the entire movie, so… And I have also frequently terrorized myself with imagining what might happen if I were in an airplane crash over an ocean, somehow survived the crash, and had to drift at sea in a lifeboat, eventually succumbing to sharks/starvation/exposure (I know I would never be able to keep myself alive). So I don’t need to see that little horror-fantasy played out for me on the big screen.

The movie inspired us to eat some de-LISH Indian food at Taste of India, which is the best. Then we watched Ted, as an attempt to get me out of my emotional anguish funk.

Saturday, we ate at Pannekoeken, which is our new-found brunch spot (yeah, it ain’t fancy, but it’s just what we like), baked some cookies (see photo below), watched the Season 4 Finale of Breaking Bad, and took an afternoon nap.

January Cookies 3

Sunday, my fam had its annual Waffle Brunch. Yum!

Waffle Breakfast

Then I cleaned out a crapload of crap from my house, and took it to Goodwill. Doesn’t it feel great when you do that? And also? A couple days ago, a friend of mine did ma nails all pretty. We called them “Easter Basket Nails.”

Easter Basket Nails

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