Como Zoo Trip

CZ2My parents and I went to Como Zoo last week. Walking into the first section, it was the most beautiful feeling. After spending the day outside during a St. Patrick’s Day parade in below freezing weather (!), the humidity and warmth of the exhibit was like slipping into a soft, squishy, warm blanket. And it smelled so fresh and alive and greeeeeeen. It was wonderfulll.

CZ1This plant looked like sea coral or a sea anemone.


Ah, lovely little Ladyslipper.

Fuzzy Tree

This tree was called “furry tree” or something. This is its trunk. Not moss growing on the trunk, but the trunk itself. Cool!




There were a bunch of different-smelling orchids; some smelled like rootbeer/licorice, some smelled like honey. These were my favorite. They smelled flowery, and it was a really gentle, sweet, fresh smell.

Come on, Spring, let’s go!



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