Weekend Recap!

Friday, we went to Glam Doll Donuts. I got a “Femme Fatale” (which is basically a jelly donut). It was good, but I figure a donut is a donut. I am a sucker for a retro atmosphere though.

Saturday, I woke up to thunder and rain, which I love. Sat in bed and read for a long time while it rained cats and dogs outside. Then around 3pm, I realized that it was sunny and warm, so I took a walk around a lake (surprise!), and paid $4.29 a gallon (!!!!!!) for some gas. This is ridiculous. Then the boyfriend and I went to Art-A-Whirl¬†and got dinner at Emily’s. THE BEST!!!!!

Yesterday, I had my graduation ceremony for my School Counseling program, and today I got fingerprinted for my licensure application.

FingerprintsI was going to take a picture of my inked up fingers, but APPARENTLY they don’t actually use ink anymore (of course not, what is this, the middle ages??). You get your palms and fingertips all wet with this textured disposable cloth that smells like the towelettes from barbecue restaurants, and then the police man (yeah, this was at a police station-my first time inside of one!) presses your hands and fingers onto this glass scanning device thing. Completely computerized. Then it prints out on the form above. So I just have to turn this in along with some other forms, and then I should be all official!

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