The Men in My Family Are Pyromaniacs


Photo (19) - CopyHappy 4th of July everyone!

As I say in the title of this post, the men in my family are pyromaniacs. To celebrate the 4th of July (or just cuz they wanted to), they amassed an arsenal of (tooootally not illegal) fireworks:

Photo (19)

And set up a launching pad:

Photo (21)

And set the wetlands on fire:

Photo (20)

Then they stole my aunt’s fire pit (that was GOING to be used for s’mores), and set off fireworks in that (and ran like the wind to relative safety):

Photo (22)

Eventually¬†they hit their stride…

Photo (23)

Photo (26)

Photo (27)

See that big fuzzy green blob? That’s some firework shrapnel headed straight for my¬†face. Amazingly, we all came out alive and with no missing parts.

Hooray for our freedoms, hooray for America, and hooray for pyromaniac family members!

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