Summer Fruits

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My baby backyard is growing up! I have some cherries  on my Northstar Cherry Tree. It only has a handful so far, and they are VERY tart, which apparently is best for pie making..? I do love making pie, so maybe I’ll try it if/when I get enough. I’m a little skeptical though. I like sweet things.

I also have the first (and only, so far) crab apple on my Chestnut Crab Tree! Exciting!!!!

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Usual size for these guys is about a golf ball, so it’s almost ready!!

And raspberries will be next:

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The hydrangeas are looking good.

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And I went to the Arboretum, where they’re having a butterfly exhibit.

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It was fun watching them greedily stick their little probosces into the flowers like tiny straws in tiny milkshakes.

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    1. Well, it’s more my parents’ labors, since they planted them. I’ve watered them, but that’s it. Mostly Mother Nature’s/God’s labors at this point.

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