Elf House!

I was taking a walk with my nephew this weekend, and we came upon a cute little yard pond…

Photo (20)

With a cute little elf house!! (One of my favorite things in life along with 50s Diners, boots, and any and all animals.)

Photo (22)

Also on that walk, there was this very large tree next to a power line….and the power line held a large chunk from that tree. Look, is this not the weirdest thing?

Photo (19)

And one more thing, I just have to put this here because I think it’s funny and cute. When I told my nephew that I was going to take a picture of the elf house, he plopped himself down next to it in a very specific “I’m posing for the camera” stance, assuming that I must have meant that I was going to take a photo of him next to an elf house. His grandmother has taught him well. Look at his super serious “getting my picture taken” face:

Photo (26)


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