I'm Not a Crazy Cat Lady, You Gotta Believe Me

I only have 1 cat, I do not dress her up in human clothes, and I only anthropomorphize her sometimes. Only sometimes.

But I did go to the Walker’s Catvid Festival.

Photo (32)

This event is not really for people to watch Cat Videos (because do you see that tiny screen up there? yeah…it would be a much better idea to youtube these things in the comfort of your own home). This event is for nutty cat lovers to gather together with all of the other nutty cat lovers (and…just like our feline friends…demonstrate an appropriate level of respect for one another’s personal space by making as little actual contact with each other as possible).

On my walk back to my car, I noticed this little sweetie pieĀ hopping down from his front porch, so I greeted him, and we cuddled for a while:

Photo (27) - CopyThen as I continued down the sidewalk, he followed me down the block until I crossed an intersection.

Photo (29) - Copy

What a little sweetie.

Also! I encountered this little dude as I headed into work this morning.

Photo (28) - Copy


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