0 thoughts on “Welp. The squirrels have found my pumpkin.

  1. The squirrels are a constant danger at my house – I have many feeders and over the years have changed them out to increasingly more complicated (and expensive) ones in my effort to thwart them. I’ve even tried putting out corn one year just for the squirrels but I think it only brought more to my yard!

    And yes, I had my pumpkins obliterated one year by squirrels – the kids were heartbroken. If I remember right, we turned them around and did the less attractive backsides.

    1. I still love squirrels and dream one day of finding a baby squirrel on my doorstep and raising it until it is my pet and sits on my shoulder. But. Yeah. They’re pumpkin-thwarters. I’ve tried dousing my pumpkins in vinegar, hair spray, etc. Nothing deters the buggers.

      AND my cat is a huntress, and kills all manner of creatures but for whatever reason, she stays away from the squirrels. What does she know that I don’t?

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