Birthday Week Festivities

Been pretty busy again, and I haven’t been in the mood to write a proper blog post, so I’ll just sum up this past week.

Here are a couple of highlights from the Renaissance Festival last weekend:

attachment-1-9Belly dancing! I wish I had time to take this back up again. Someday!

attachment-1-1-copyTuey! (The stage name of this performer.)

20160917_135312Wall climbing!

attachment-1-3-copyGOATS! I love me some goats, but these guys were peopled out, so they did not let me give them scratchies.

Wednesday was my birthday, so I had dinner with the family, and then I took Thursday and Friday off of work to celebrate! On Thursday, I went to brunch at Al’s and got a massage and manicure. That evening, I attended a community discussion group whose topic was the Achievement Gap (it’s an important topic in education).

On Friday, I had lunch and went shopping with a friend, and then went to another friend’s house in the evening for my birthday party/board game night. We didn’t end up playing board games because we were just having so much fun chatting.

I had some much needed time on Saturday to get some things done (yard work, work work, children’s book illustration, etc.), and today I participated in a folk singing group, which meets in the basement of a local restaurant. The basement is old-timey and charming:

attachment-1-10And it has these super fun enclaves!

attachment-1-11So that was my week! Have a good Monday!

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