Busy Bee

The last month or so has been busy, always something to do. I hate being busy, but I like all of the things I’m doing (aside from stupid stuff like mowing the lawn and fixing house stuff).

3 Things From The Week

Something I Learned: The colorful outfits that jockeys wear are called “silks”. And they’re different for every race, chosen by the horse’s owner (I thought they were owned by the jockey himself). Also, the word “character” came from the name for a tool that was used to make stamps. Stamping—>impression—>character

Something I’m Into: I’ve been on an Eggo Waffle kick. I wonder if Eggo’s sales have gone up since Stranger Things came out. I’m pretty sure my craving has nothing to do with the show, but who knows…

Something I Appreciate: I just got a new blanket for my bed, and it’s perfect. It’s soft and thick and cute. I appreciate having a safe, warm bed. So many people don’t.
attachment-1-7My poor, battered tootsies from aerial.

img_0863Sweater: Derek Heart via Goodwill (similar)//Skirt: Charlotte Russe (similar, similar)//Boots: Naturalizer (similar)attachment-1-5Jane being super helpful while I try to work on illustrations.attachment-1-6She can sense the moment I think to myself, “Okay, time to get up now”, and she comes and sits right on top of me so I can’t move. Look at her face. She couldn’t care less about my plans.img_0870Scarf: Amazon (almost exact)//Sweater: Target (similar)//Skirt: thrifted (similar)//Boots: Top Moda (exact, similar)attachment-1-9Backyard raspberry picking.attachment-1-13attachment-1-8Found this plant while I was picking raspberries. Don’t know what it is. Anyone know?attachment-1-12It’s that tall, bright vine growing on my lilac bush. It has yellow flowers. Sometimes plants creep me out because they just take over, like in one of those cult horror movies. “Run for your lives!! It’s…THE VINE!!!!”attachment-1-11Oh, Autumn. (Shoes: Refresh, exact)

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3 thoughts on “Busy Bee

  1. Your outfits are THE CUTEST!!!

    Your plant looks like a tomato plant? Does it smell like one? If you cut them open do they look like tomatoes?

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