Fall Break Happenings

Last week, I had Thursday and Friday off due to education conferences, and my family was planning some activities for the weekend, so I spent my break with family and trying to get some stuff done.

3 Things From The Week

Something I Learned: Meat is “red/dark” or “light/white” depending on how much the animal used the muscle! Muscles that are used more contain more myoglobin (because myoglobin carries oxygen, and oxygen is necessary for a muscle to function), and myoglobin contains pigments that affect the muscle’s color. e.g. Chickens don’t fly much, so they don’t use their chest muscles much —> chicken breasts = white meat.

Something I’m Into: I’ve been binge-listening to the podcast “Stuff You Should Know”, which basically just takes any topic (Black Holes, The Great Depression, Chewing Gum) and spends an hour talking all about it. It’s where I’ve been getting a lot of my Something I Learneds from (yes I made that phrase plural and yes I ended the sentence with a preposition. You’re not the boss of me).

Something I Appreciate: I spent a lot of time with family this weekend, and I’m lucky to have a really great family.

attachment-1-33Children’s book illustrating.attachment-1-34Dollhouse in an antique store.attachment-1-24Family get together. It was 45 degrees outside, and we gathered at 10 am for lunch…? I don’t plan these things.attachment-1-259 Mile Creek, where my dad and his siblings played as kids.attachment-1-26

attachment-1-27Tiptoeing across this thin, rickety log became the activity of the day. No one fell in!attachment-1-28Those crazy Moen boys (my dad and uncle) trying to get a small toy boat out of the creek (see the little blue thing). Wasn’t our boat. Was there when we got there. Everything is a game. Yes, that’s my dad lying on his back, propping up the branch with his leg. He is 70 years old. #problemsolving #whateverittakes. …….They didn’t succeed. #goodtry img_0882My sweet girl.img_0898Scarf: Target (exact) // Shirt: H&M (similar, similar) // Skirt: thrifted // Belt: Target (exactsimilar, similar) // Boots: Naturalizer (similar)

Scarf: Target (exact) // Blazer: H&M (similar, similar) // Shirt: H&M (similar, similar) // Pants: H&M (similar, similar) // Shoes: Charlotte Russe (exact)

Happy Wednesday!