Weekly Things

Something I Learned: Alpha Gal is the name of an allergy to mammalian meat. It’s fairly newly discovered, and is induced by a tick bite.

Something I’m Into: I just got a new planner for 2017 and I CAN’T WAIT TO USE IT!!! I will show it to you sooooon.

Something I Appreciate: My freedom. I’m able to decide what I want to do and when, and I don’t have to check with anyone or fit my plans into anyone else’s schedule. As much as I think I would like to have a family of my own, I do appreciate that as a single non-parent I am beholden to no one. What a wonderful thing.

img_1102We got our first snowfall of the season this week. I’m not one of those “THE FIRST SNOWFALL YAY!!” people, I’m more of a “It’s the beginning of the end…” person, but I try to appreciate it as much as I can.img_1101

img_1089Little girl staying cozy with me.

img_1099Backstage at my aerial showcase yesterday.

img_1100My pre-performance “I’m scared” face.

Here are some photos from the show:20161120_182511 15064219_983348919403_724754073_o 15060413_983348929383_1717047520_o 20161120_182617 20161120_182528And now I am ready for a little break and some Thanksgiving yummies!