Ramping Up to Christmas

Weekly Things

Something I Learned: I was talking with a guy who works in sustainable energy and construction, and I asked him what he thought about Elon Musk’s new solar panel roof shingles. I don’t think he had heard about them (??), but he ended up talking about how different solar power products have varying levels of power. This had never occurred to me before!


Something I Appreciate: Yes, we got a really annoying dump of snow, and yes the high on Sunday was 6 below, but we’ve been given some relief with a little warm-up (high in the low 30s today and tomorrow). AND I am on Winter Break for 2 weeks, hooray!

This blog is becoming a biweekly occurrence, apparently. I’ve just been chugging along, doing my regular stuff, except for the things I’ve had to miss due to a stupid cold.

Like I said, I’m now on a two-week break from work, but as always, I still feel super busy. Today was Christmas shopping…I’m almost done. Although I thought I was almost done yesterday too. Who knows.

I’ve never been a big Christmas person, and some years I’m more Grinch-y than others. First off, I’m not a christian, so there’s that whole aspect out the window. And I like giving people gifts, but I don’t like being REQUIRED to give people gifts. I like selecting things that I think people would like, but when you have to give a gift to everyone you know all at one time, you’re just looking for things that will be “good enough.” That’s dumb. And everyone is doing it all at once and being annoying and hassled and irritated. And it’s just so consumerist and shallow. And everything must be green and red and Santa and Rudolph and tinsel and blergh! It’s just….a lot.

But I try to find the good parts, and just move through the whole season focusing on the things that mean something to me: connecting with family and friends, enjoying seasonal flavors (eggnog, cinnamon, gingerbread, peppermint), the comfort of routine and tradition (seeing the same ornaments and decorations at my parents’ house, hearing the same carols).img_1164Went to a Christmas show with the fam.
img_1165The post-show line to meet Santa was long, so my nephew got caught up on all the duck gossip.img_1167I had heard that the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train was going to make a stop in my city, and I happened upon it while out running errands. The only time I’m not completely annoyed to be stopped for a train.img_1150Had a little Irish dance performance at a local senior living center. St. Patrick’s Day always seems to come up really fast after the holidays, so it’s good to get warmed up!img_1166There is something so comforting to me about this view from my bathroom window. All of the rooftops clustered together, symbolizing neighborhood, normalcy, routine, quiet.

img_1168This little thing…always trying to hold my hand.img_1169img_1158I’ve been dealing with a cold that I got last week. Ugh I just hate how disruptive it is. I’m through the worst part (Thursday), but I’m still that person at the store who is constantly blowing their nose, and stuffing used kleenex in their coat pocket. Argh

Outfits!img_1140Scarf: Target (similar) // Blazer: H&M (similar) // Dress: Old Navy (similar) // Belt: Target (exactsimilar, similar) // Boots: Naturalizer (similar)img_1143Scarf: Target (exact) // Cardigan: Banana Republic via Goodwill (similar) // Belt: Target (exact)  // Skirt: Forever 21 (similarsimilar)// Shoes: Refresh (exact)img_1153Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory // Shirt: Target (similar) // Sweater: H&M (similar) // Jeans: YMI (similar) // Shoes: Bare Traps (similar)img_1157Scarf: Amazon (exact) // Sweater Dress: Target (exact) // Boots: Naturalizer (similar)

Happy Holidays!

The Days Are Flying By

Weekly Things

Something I Learned: I just don’t know this week! I feel like I learn something new every day, but then I can never remember specifics later.

Something I’m Into: I’ve been listening to the My Favorite Murder Podcast. I heard about it a while ago, and could tell that it was practically made for me, but I don’t like new things, so I ignored it for a while. I finally started it this week, and of course it’s great! It’s basically just two women talking about actual murders that have taken place throughout history. So….yeah.

Something I Appreciate: That we’ve gotten this far into the year with decent weather. It’s getting for real cold now, but I appreciate that it’s held off for as long as it has.

The last two weeks have flown by, and I haven’t felt like I’ve been able to catch my breath yet. (I didn’t even make a post last week because it went so fast.) I’ve just been always doing doing doing. I like all of the things I’m doing (fun with friends and family, aerial, dance, singing, drawing, house projects, community discussions, theater, movies, etc.), but I just wish it could spread out somehow.

Over the last few weeks, as I’ve been processing the election mess, and where we are as a country politically and socially, I’ve been trying to find ways to seek more connection with others. Division has played such a large role in this mess, and I see it continuing to destroy us. The only way to do anything about it is to attempt to connect with others; to be gentle, more patient, less snarky, express more understanding and less derision, put the work in to help others understand things, rather than getting frustrated with them for not knowing things already, assuming the best rather than the worst, viewing strangers as my brother, sister, uncle, aunt, cousin, niece, nephew, grandparent. It can be hard, and I know there are times when I definitely fail to do it, but so far, it has given me a lot of peace to be more mindful about how I approach others.

Thanksgiving week stuffs…img_1130I made my usual contributions to our Thanksgiving meal: sweet potato casserole, and green bean casserole. Yummimg_1131My Thanksgiving meal. YUMMMMM

Some things I did over Thanksgiving break:img_1128Sleeping in is my favorite. Jane’s into it too.
img_1129Antique store shopping. I was looking for containers for sewing supplies and paint supplies. I currently use ugly plastic tackle boxes, and they function perfectly, but they’re just too damn ugly. I didn’t find an alternative, but I came up with a semi-solution that I will cover in another post.img_1127-1Remember when I painted this desk blue? I couldn’t decide what color to paint it, so I asked for input. I landed on blue because that’s really what I feelin’ the most at the time. I still love that color, but I’m trying to neutralize my space a little bit, so I painted it white!img_1132It’s a subtle change, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first. I don’t really notice it much anymore, so I think that’s good. I wanted it to blend in a little more.

Outfits from Thanksgiving Week.img_1105Shirt: Gordman’s (similar) // Scarf: DSW (similar, similar) // Shorts: Boom Boom Jeans (similar, similar, similar) // Shoes: Crown Vintage @ DSW (similar)
img_1108Scarf: Thrifted (similar) // Shirt: H&M (similar) // Belt: Target (exactsimilar, similar) // Skirt: Target (similar, similar) // Boots: Naturalizer (similar)

This past week has been filled with the usual, including working on illustrations.img_1133The always helpful Jane, sitting on top of my colored pencils. Great.img_1135What happens to your hand (and sleeve) when you draw.

img_1136What my house looks like every couple of days. It snows, then melts, then snows, etc. img_1137Community meeting regarding climate justice initiatives. It was surprisingly optimistic. img_1134Cats could teach classes on how to nap.

Last week’s outfits.

img_1111 Sweater: Kohls (similar) // Necklace: Dry Goods (similar) // Jeans: YMI via Plato’s Closet (similar)// Shoes: Baretraps (exact)img_1114 Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory // Shirt: Target (similar) // Belt: Target (exact) // Skirt: Target (similar, similar) // Shoes: Refresh via Amazon (exact)img_1117Scarf: Target (exact) // Dress: H&M (similar, similar) // Boots: Naturalizer (similar)
img_1120 Sweater: Target (similar) // Shirt: H&M (similar) // Pants: Kohl’s (similar) // Boots: Steve Madden (exact)img_1123Cardigan: Banana Republic via Goodwill (similar) // Shirt: Target (exact) // Jeans: Cello Jeans via Goodwill (similar) // Boots: Steve Madden (exact)