Back To School

Attachment-1 (4)Whew, y’all! It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Last week was the first week back at work, but it was just Professional Development week; no students. So today was the first day back with a full school. It’s been a busy couple of weeks, so here’s what I’ve been up to.

Last week, we had trainings all day, so I had to do actual work work in the evenings. I was also trying to tie up a few things that I had on my Finish-Before-Fall-To-Do List, like spray painting some lamps.

Attachment-1 (2)They were just plain jane chrome lamps that I’ve had forever, and since chrome is a little passe right now, I decided to spiff them up with some gold spray paint and new shades.Attachment-1

Attachment-1 (5)My mom says the shades are too small now,  but I like them. So there.

Last week I also decided to make some sample drawings for a children’s book author who is looking for an illustrator. So I had to squeeze in time to work on those.

Attachment-1 (1)Ack! I also did some house repairs, went to my nephew’s 2nd bday party, attended a monthly discussion group, went to my weekly fitness class and Irish dance class, and did last minute prep for school. We also went to the state fair. It was the best day for the fair that I can ever remember: perfect weather, and not too crowded.

I tried to make best friends with all of the animals. Here’s me having a love affair with a goat. GOATS ARE THE BEST

20160905_110206We checked all of the big stuff off the list (animals, art building, butter heads, dog show, horticulture/crop art, Int’l Bazaar), and I ate: part of a Bridgeman’s Ice Cream Sundae, some fries, a caramel apple, some cheese curds, and corn:Attachment-1 (3)It was one of those weeks where you’re like, “I vaguely remember the concept of doing laundry and getting groceries. One day, I will revisit them.” I was frazzled, to say the least.

Like I said, today was the first day of school, which went well. First day of school outfit:

Attachment-1 (7)
Top: H&M Pants: H&M Shoes: Charlotte Russe Necklace: Dry Goods

I was planning to wear something entirely different (something more upbeat…more pink), but the weather was gloomy, so I was in the mood for something more subdued.

One more thing from this last week: I started working on some gallery walls. 🙂 I have a realllly big empty wall in my office, and a somewhat large wall space in my house, and I was thinking that both of them might look nice with a gallery wall, a la this:Gallery WallSo I bought a bunch of frames at Goodwill (Goodwill is the BEST), and gathered all of the random small canvases I’ve had lying around for a while, and started planning out my walls.

Then I spray painted them all white and gold, and when I find the time, I’ll add prints and stuff. And of course I’ll share them with you when they’re complete!