New Year, New Planner

YOU. GUYS. I am so into my new planner. I’ve always been into planners (I’ve even kept all of the planners I’ve ever used!!), and I’m really picky about them, and sometimes I have a hard time finding one that I like. But this year! Love this thing.

I had been searching since August for a new one because I kind of like the idea of starting a new one with the school year (working in a school and all). Couldn’t find anything perfect until last month, when I found one I liked online, and then found the same exact thing for a 1/3 of the price at Home Goods!!!! I was so excited.

OKAY! LET’S TAKE A TOUR OF IT!!! (And if this isn’t your cup of tea, and you’re like why would anyone care about this, TOO BAD! I’M EXCITED!!)

planner-and-stuffLook at it!!! It’s cute, which is one of my top requirements. It’s also the perfect size; it has to be about 7″x 5″: small enough to fit in my purse and large enough so that I don’t have to write like an ant. It has a ribbon to hold my page, which my last planner didn’t have, so that’s nice. The planner I used last year had some elements I liked (I chose it after all), but a few things that really bugged me. This new planner is more like ones I’ve used in the past that I really liked, so it feels better. And omigosh, so cute. Did I mention that?planner-pouchesI got the pouch on the left from Michaels, in their new “Happy Planner” section. I was going to keep my pens in it, but it’s really too small for that, so I just keep a few rolls of washi tape in it for now. The pouch on the right is from Target, and HOW PERFECTLY DOES IT MATCH THE PLANNER?? I keep my pens in it.planner-pageHere’s the layout. I have to do a Weekly layout (not monthly or daily), and my last planner had one week on each page, which is madness!! Each day was half this size, so it was a bit cramped. And some planners make Sat/Sun share a space, which is ridiculous. I do things on weekends too, duh.
planner-pocketI usually keep bits of paper (coupons, stamps, etc.) in the back of my planner, so I’ve added this little pocket, using cardstock, washi tape, spray adhesive, and packing tape.planner-stickiesI also always keep a pad of sticky notes in the front, and have a running To Do list, and a running To Get list. Then when I go to the store, I can just peel off my list and take it with me.

I got this pad of planner stickers that will really jazz up my pages. There are like a billion stickers, and they’re really cute and they cover almost everything I do. Though, they don’t have any cookie stickers, which is like , Alex 101, so I’m a little disappointed about that. I’ll try to get over it.