Fall Fun!

My uncle and aunt came to town last weekend, and we did a bunch of fun activities!

I was really lazy and took almost no pictures, but I’ll try to make do.

We went to Trail of Terrrorrr!!!!….where I sat on the Throne of Swords (the Game of Thrones throne…which was actually from the Renaissance Festival, and Trail of Terror basically just gets their leftover walkaround actors and props apparently).

Photo1 (59)

My mom was a trooper and went even though she wasn’t really that into it. And all of the haunted house actors flocked to her like bees to honey. It was entertaining. 🙂

Then we sat around the bonfire and talked about deism vs. theism.

Next day, we celebrated my dad’s birthday with a wiener roast.

And Sunday, we watched Halloween-y movies:

^ Only the best movie ever.

[A Tale of Two Sisters]

I like this movie, though upon a second viewing, it might be more interesting to think about afterward than it is to actually watch it. When I saw it the first time, I was enthralled throughout, but having watched it with other people who hadn’t seen it before, I could see how it might be too strange for some people to really get into. It’s something different, so I like it.