Pretty Darned Good Day

Calhoun 1I got a lot of stuff done today, and took a walk around Lake Calhoun.

Calhoun 2


Little pack of ducks
Little pack of ducks

Also, I got to eat dinner outside on my back deck, which was lovely. Made Red Lobster style biscuits. yumm

Yes, this exists:


(AND Minnesota became the 12th state to legalize gay marriage today:))


Lovely Weekend

Nine Mile CreekFirst nice weekend of the year. Walked around Lake Calhoun and got a peppermint bonbon ice cream cone yesterday. Went to Nine Mile Creek (see photo) with family and watched my cousin’s hockey game today (we won). So great.


Snowy April


Welcome to April in Minnesota. Ughhhhh

I have a cold (this is like my tenth cold this year), and I’m working on my thesis tonight.

April evening


Tomorrow, I have my Oral Exam, and then I’ll be done with grad school!