Book Report!

Time to talk about the books I’ve read recently!

Holy crap this was the best book. It was so entertaining. They have GOT to make this into a movie. It’s everything you could ever want in a book about a circus (and everything that Water For Elephants failed to give you): magic, romance, mystery, stripes! It’s all here. Read it!


Okayyy…I had heard gushy things about this book for a long time. I resisted it because it was so long, but women seem to lose themselves over it. Like Twilight for grownups, I guess. I have never read a romance novel before…and while reading this I thought maybe this is what they’re like? It’s heavy on the steam. It was definitely a good read, and I’ll probably read the others in the series. And probably see the movie(s). But don’t worry, I’m not going to change my name to Sassenach or anything.


I have read something of substance lately. As an introvert, I always like to hear about how great we are. And how victimized we are by our evil extrovert overlords. There was a lot of really good, really helpful information in this book (information that I’m hoping one or two extroverts will read at some point). At the same time, I have two complaints:

1. I feel like she gets a *little* heavy handed in the rah-rah introvert mode. If I were an extrovert reading this book, I feel like I’d take offense or at least be a bit defensive the whole time. She basically makes it sound like introverts are ignored geniuses and extroverts are noisy, empty cheerleaders. I exaggerate a bit, but I do wonder how accessible it is for extroverts.

2. It was a little dry. I don’t know if it really was dry or if I’m just used to Mary Roach (Stiff, Bonk, etc.), who could make the phone book hilarious and engrossing. There was a lot of information in this book, and I felt like it could have been woven together in a more engaging way.